Getting Started with HOPE 11/17/94 Page 13

Overall Instructions


In the HOPE software, you have a complete set of tools for operating your business. Much more than a computer program, it is an environment with which you can support your selling and customer satisfaction efforts.


You don't need to learn computer jargon or skills, any more than a checkout person in a supermarket does, although they use powerful computers and scanners every day. What this system does is free you to concentrate on the fun aspects of your business, creating, designing, selling and serving customers. It provides each person, whether they view themselves as in sales or as a designer, consultant or other business specialist with the information needed to satisfy customers easily and quickly.


In today's business world, each person is a manager of time, services, resources, and most importantly, customer and client goodwill. As such, you need easy access to the data needed to manage your own business smoothly and successfully. Accordingly, your primary instruction is to enter information into your computer system correctly when you are ?prompted? or asked for it by the system.


You will only have to enter the information once. The computer then uses your information on timing of requirements you must fulfill (like paying taxes) and on products, services and customers to perform the tasks it can do directly, and to schedule and to advise you on a timely basis of specific actions you must take to achieve your stated goals.


HOPE will benefit and support you in your customer relationships. It will actually do most of the drudgery in the business for you, freeing you to concentrate on your friend, the customer, and keeping him or her happy. Additionally, as you become more familiar with computers, and as more and more communications and services become electronic, HOPE is designed to allow you to expand your scope to the Internet and beyond. You become the decision maker and the scheduler as to how global your presence will become.


The next section explains certain definitions and terms. This is followed by "how to" instructions, customized for your business and your methods, which should make getting started easy, and lead you to business freedom, once you are a skilled HOPE practitioner.