Getting Started with HOPE 8/24/96 Page 10


What business are you in?


One of the first questions any professional business consultant will ask you is "What business are you in?" You can answer that question by filling in the blanks below. But whatever your business "craft," you will need the ?tools of the trade.?


Our business is ____________________ ,

Our most important tasks are ____________________ ,

____________________ , and ____________________ .


Some of our key tools are ____________________ ,


____________________ , and ____________________ .


HOPE provides a framework of tools and resources for a smooth running, efficient, successful business environment, which include:

1) Tools for working with customers

a. Client or customer lists

b. Order Tools

c. Money Handling Tools


2) Tools for working with suppliers


3) Tools for keeping track of customer orders


4) Tools for keeping track of your financial status, business and results; in sales and earnings and profits.


By streamlining and taking over the functions which occupy your time, HOPE allows you to concentrate more effectively on your customers and their satisfaction. Our goal is to help you achieve a reputation for excellence, which will result in customers saying the nicest things about you to their friends and to other potential customers.


This book is more than a manual. It's a primer on how to use the HOPE tools to your continuing benefit. Sections are very specific in taking you step by step to new knowledge which will ease your path, as well as providing ideas which will enable you to run your business more smoothly and comfortably.