For a Construction business, HOPE Software provides a unique set of management aids and help

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 The Book on HOPE

HOPE Software has offered proven success to owners and managers in construction.

HOPE Software - Run the business side of your construction activities effortlessly. Concentrate on building!

HOPE: for you, a business goal and a slogan; Help is on the way! Help for the One Person Enterprise.

Your construction business is your passion. The goal of HOPE is to allow you to effectively operate your business and to concentrate your time and the time of your staff on sales generation and customers.

In addition, HOPE provides management, both on-site and remote, the information needed to properly run the projects and financial and business relationships. The information HOPE provides can support required government filings. Further, HOPE allows multiple simultaneous use of identical information.

HOPE is an extremely sophisticated set of computer programs, but their use is surprisingly easy. This outcome is because function is in large measure "automatic." Rather than trying to communicate all sorts of information to the users, and forcing them to become "data entry" clerks, most of the hundreds of programs involved communicate their information to each other. The construction entrepreneur and staff get only the targeted and tailored output needed for them to drive the business.

HOPE Software - Main Features

Main HOPE Features are as follows:

Take-offs and material specifications are automated.

HOPE Software describes and reflects schedules. Scheduling for delivery supported.

Full cash and disbursement control.

Government data record management support.

Accounting information for construction loans.

Sub-contractor management and scheduling.

Support for prospecting and new business development.

All activities funnel into one master calendar.

Running A Construction Business Has Never Looked So Good

Construction Management today is both fast paced and cost sensitive. HOPE will work with multiple construction projects and locations, and consolidate cross-project data and results prior to consolidating the business total results for you to review in the evening and morning.

Control of outflows is crucial to success. HOPE provides one summary location for most of your crucial decisions. You can even collect data and check status on your smart phone. The computers do the "busy work" for you during the workday. After the workday's end (or at a designated time), the computers' totals and database states are melded. The resulting summary database is placed in its updated form on each device as desired.

You can focus on management and making your customers happy!

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