EXTENSIONS - This Listing explains the SOSOPS file extensions.

Extension   File Function              Extension   File Function

A3 Accounting Transactions ASCII EXE SOSOPS Executable Programs
ASC Sample Letter Files for LETWP FDF Data File Field Descriptions
BAE Baseline (Backup) CAE files FI File Descriptions also BA1/BA2
BAL Baseline (Backup) CAL files FLE Short persistent data files
BAS Program component files FLP Floor Plan Files - Saved
BAT DOS helper files specific tasks HLP INI LIB Microsoft Extensions
BI Include Files-Program Component L1 Accounting Name/Trans Count
BSV Screen Files saved separately L2 Accounting Acct. Balances
CAE Calendar Extension files/day L3 Accounting Transactions - Binary
CAL Calendar Files, by month/year LST Short transient data files
CHG Uploading data change files MAK Basic Project Ngmt. Files
COM Compiled helper files NDX DB III+ Index Files
DAT Non-DBF format data files PIF QLB Microsoft Extensions
DBF DB III+ Type Data Files RSP Response Files for ARRANGER
DBT DB III+ Memo Files SCR FRM Quick Screen Forms
DOC Documentation Files TXT Documentation Files

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