Create New Vendor Price List

Note:  In general, vendors are best added through Choice #3, Vendor Master Update.

This New Vendor choice is for system setup. If you would prefer the easier approach, Return to the main menu by pressing 'Close Help' and choose 'Vendor Master Update.' Check to see whether the vendor already exists by scrolling through the list.
If not, choose 'Add new ...'from the list and enter vendor information in the form provided.

Note: Press 'Close Help', and type the vendor name to proceed with complete detailed setup.   


Given name of vendor,offer Google search for vendor website

See if vendor website offers .csv delimited price list

If yes, download price list, Ingest .csv file - converted to HOPE format

Test availability of price information in HOPE programs (cbwcus, etc.)

No branch - what other possiblities to obtain price information

Obtain price information convert to HOPE format

If no other options, email vendor